Hertz MLK 2TW

Hertz MLK 2TW
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Hertz MLK 2TW 2-Wege KIT If you focus on the components technical features, you risk to lose... mehr
Produktinformationen "Hertz MLK 2TW"
Hertz MLK 2TW 2-Wege KIT

If you focus on the components technical features, you risk to lose touch with the most beautiful element of Mille systems: sound. A state-of-the-art installation, even if simply made in factory locations but with utmost attention to fixing and vibrations rejection, will enhance musicality. The system main characteristic is clearly perceptible: superior tonal accuracy. Sound recreates the instruments tridimensionality and makes the listener feel as if he took part in the musical event. Colorless sound, controlled, full, solid bass impact, very good dynamic reserve which performs at best when the musical track involves you the most, for blur-free reproduction. ML 280 off-axis response is perfectly even, as well as its off-axis response; this ensures detailed, clear, definite sound image. Thanks to the filter efficient action, sound stage gets higher and centered, making voices natural and firm, singling every element out in the orchestra, easily recreating real, complete, detailed sound. MLK 2 installation in the car compartment is eased by the woofer standard size (thanks to its neodymium magnet, it is shorter) and by the tweeter with aluminium structure and differentiated acoustic chambers. Extraordinary versatility is ensured by the passive filter and by its adjustments. Tuning is spontaneous in any car, since you can handle the listening position you prefer, the response equalisation, the components efficiency. Simply by moving the jumpers for the various controls, you can achieve the smoothest response in whatever conditions,for extraordinary excitement.

Ausstattung: 2-Wege
Durchmesser (in cm): 16
Produktgruppe: Compo-System
Impedanz (in Ohm): 4
Leistung Max (in Watt): 300
Leistung RMS (in Watt): 150
Paar: 1
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